Friday, December 23, 2005

Dan Finley's ex-staffer to replace his wife --

in Waukesha County government, that is

This from yesterday's WisPolitics' weekly "Milwaukee Notes" report:

It appears that Allison Bussler, former chief of staff for former Waukesha County Exec Daniel Finley will be returning to that position at the end of the month.

That is the official date Finley's wife, Jenifer, put in her unexpected letter of resignation as chief of staff for newly elected Waukesha County Exec Dan Vrakas.

There was talk of Bussler, who had been on maternity leave, taking the place of Jim Malueg, the county's emergency government director, who is retiring next month.

But Bussler was seen at the county's Administration Center recently while Finley will be working for the rest of the month, based on comments made by Vrakas.
And this from The Xoff Files on Dec. 15:

Nature abhors a vacuum, so I'll just toss in a piece of rumor. Since I have zero sources in Waukesha County, it's probably highly suspect. But I hear that Dan Finley's former chief of staff, Allison Bussler, is coming back. And that it wasn't Jenifer Finley's idea to leave.
Even a lind pig finds an acorn once in awhile.

Meanwhile, Jessica McBride, who used to report Jenifer Finley's every move and innermost thought a few months ago, continues to be McGagged.
UPDATE: In a cheap shot, some Waukesha supervisors are questioning whether Jenifer Finley should be paid for the Christmas holidays, because she's only worked for the county since Nov. 1. Standard practice, everywhere I'm familiar with, is that everyone gets the paid holidays, regardless of seniority, but have to earn vacation time according to length of service. Story.


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