Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Jenifer Finley: leaving so soon?


Jenifer Finley is leaving her job in Dan Vrakas' office and I had to read it first on WisPolitics, without the inside scoop from McBride?

The release says the transition's over. But neither Vrakas or Finley ever said she was going to oversee the transition. They said she would be chief of staff. Period.

So why do you suppose she's really leaving? Methinks there is more to the story. And you won't read it here first.


At 8:30 AM, Blogger Joe Schmo said...

The cat seems to have gotten Mrs. Bucher’s tongue on this one. What a shock.

The fact is that Jessica McBride has personal ties to most of the major media outlets…She has been or is currently paid to work for The Journal, Mark Belling (TV show), Charlie Sykes (TV show) and The Freeman. She’s also guest hosted on WTMJ Radio, if memory serves. Oh and she’s a state employee because she works for UWM.

She has ties to most of the major Republicans in the area, and she worked for Dan Vrakas on his campaign for Waukesha County Exec, which I can only presume is another paying gig.

So two questions come to mind. First — is there anyone Jessica McBride won’t take money from? Secondly, with all those potential conflicts, why would anyone trust her as a commentator or a blogger? I find it hard to believe Mrs. Bucher would let a Democrat with all these conflicts get by without a shot or two from her blog. Or does simply disclosing your conflicts excuse them these days?

At 11:02 PM, Blogger Jessica McBride said...

Just to clear up some of your factual errors: Charlie Sykes doesn't pay for his TV show and I didn't get paid by WTMJ Radio. I also did not get paid a single penny by Dan Vrakas, but rather volunteered for his campaign a couple hours a week, at most. Mark Belling pays $90 a show - wow, I really raked in the dough for that one. You forgot my wispolitics column! But I hate to disappoint you, because I don't get paid for that either. Nor do I make money on my blog. And why do liberals always insist on reverting to my married name when they want to attack me? I use the name Jessica McBride professionally. I did get paid by the Journal (which I left in 2004) and I do get paid by the Freeman (peanuts) and UWM. That's right! I take money from the Freeman and UWM!!!! That's a lot of people. As for my "ties" to major Republicans, if you mean they leak me information or read my blog, that's true. If you mean I am not object, that's also true, because I'm writing opinion. But I've never volunteered nor worked on a campaign other than that of Paul and Vrakas, I have never nor do I belong to a political party, and I have never donated money to a political candidate, outside of Paul and Michael Steele, the Maryland senatorial candidate. So get your facts straight. I also find it humorous that you are apparently unbothered by the political conflicts of Xoff, among other local bloggers. I don't have a problem with Xoff's conflicts, btw, because they make him more interesting to read and he discloses them, as do I. I would also note that I have sought none of these opportunities. I have been approached and asked to do them.


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