Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blackout or amnesia? Journal Sentinel

ignores Abramoff-DeLay-Green links

The downfall of Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff has sent shock waves through Washington, where members of Congress and their staffers wonder whether Abramoff will finger them.

While the national news media covers the story in depth, the Wisconsin media so far ignore the known and potential links between Abramoff and Wisconsin members of Congress. Cory Liebmann at Eye on Wisconsin says the Journal Sentinel has amnesia, failing to even mention that Rep. Mark Green's former chief of staff and current campaign manager is one of the staffers who has accepted free tickets and favors from Abramoff.

Then there is the matter of the $55,000 Green and Rep. Paul Ryan have accepted from Rep. Tom DeLay, who is under indictment already and is likely to be in more trouble by the time Abramoff finishes singing. Abramoff gave or directed huge amounts of money to DeLay and his political action committee, which was the source of the $30,000 in contributions to Green and $25,000 to Ryan. Both have resisted calls to give back the money. Now Scott Walker, Green's primary opponent, has joined in the call for him to return DeLay's money. Should any of that be worth a mention by the state's largest newspaper?

Why do I call him a Republican lobbyist? Despite some national media suggestions that Abramoff spread his largesse on both sides of the aisle, the evidence shows otherwise.


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