Saturday, January 07, 2006

Gimme an F... What's it spell? FOOD STAMPS!

Reading this story about the insults to Madison East, our kids' alma mater, I shudder to think about what the Middleton fans might have chanted if they were playing a Milwaukee school:
Middleton High School officials apologized in writing Friday to Madison East High School for disparaging remarks made by students at a boys basketball game.

Middleton fans chanted "food stamps, food stamps" and "Os-car May-er" during verbal jousting with East fans, according to East students at the Dec. 20 game in Middleton.

East High is Madison's most diverse school economically, and Oscar Mayer's headquarters are in its attendance area.

East junior Jenny Peek, 17, said she was at the game and heard the "food stamps" chant.

"I guess they think everyone who goes to East is poor," she said.

About 40 percent of East High students are eligible for federally subsidized school lunches, compared with less than 10 percent at Middleton High School.


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