Friday, January 06, 2006

Green running against Milwaukee?

Has Mark Green decided to run for governor as the anti-Milwaukee candidate?

This LaCrosse Tribune story makes it sound that way:

The Republican candidate will need strong support in Milwaukee — a Democratic stronghold — to beat Doyle, Walker said. He pointed out he had nearly 58 percent of the vote in 2004.

Walker also said he has more executive experience than Green. A county executive, much like a governor, must appoint a cabinet and administer a budget, he added.

Mark Graul, campaign manager for Congressman Green, disagreed with those assessments, noting candidates from Milwaukee tend to fare poorly in state races. While he didn’t pin the blame on Walker, Graul said that city’s crime rate, education issues and financial problems are generally “not seen as a benefit” to those elsewhere in the state.
That has the makings of a great campaign theme: "Do you want Scott Walker to make all of Wisconsin like Milwaukee County? Coming soon to a county near you -- crime, poverty, bad schools, and -- perish the thought -- minorities."

Walker can try to explain that he's not the mayor, and those really aren't problems in Wauwatosa, where he lives. But that's a little complicated for the yahoos who would buy Green's anti-city message.

Graul also told the Tribune that no one has gone from county executive straight to governor. He neglected to mention that only one sitting member of Congress has been elected governor since Wisconsin became a state in 1848, and that was Cadwallader Washburn in 1872.


At 5:33 PM, Blogger uwm99 said...

Could not agree with you more. Those deer-hunting, schlitz-swigging, lard balls from outside the Milwaukee metro have no clue. God forbid they see a non-white face..they might die ya der hey! Those who live outside Milwaukee can easily single us out as the "problem child" of the state. What they don't understand is that Wisconsin would be North Dakota without Milwaukee. Milwaukee's problems affect the entire state. I would love to suceed from this state, and Milwaukee should. Milwaukee, Illinois?


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