Friday, January 20, 2006

Insight check

What do Charlie Sykes, Jessica McBride, and the Washington Post have in common?

(Don't shoot me; this post isn't about blogging; it's about free speech.)


At 2:40 PM, Blogger XOut said...

Remember, not too long ago, when you had a snit and shut down comments to your blog for a few days...??? I do.

So, let me get this straight... you point an accusatory finger at Sykes for violating your version of state campaign finance laws, you are told off by Sykes and various conservative blogs, and your response is – “Sykes and McBride don’t allow blog-comments.”

You need a vacation.


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Xoff said...

This was far from my only response on the other issue . Feel free to read the rest of the blog as well.

I did, indeed, turn comments off for a few days while we installed a new system that at least made you call yourself something besides "anonymous." Except for those few days, it's been open season since April, when this blog started. McSykes has never allowed any feedback.

At 4:29 PM, Blogger XOut said...

I have indeed read with delight the verbal beatings you have been taking on this blog for your Sykes rant and your follow-up responses.

I am surprised that the legendary spinmeister can’t come up with anything better.

To suggest that an apology is due by Sykes to Doyle is by no means a defense or even rational. Doyle attached a costly list of demands that have nothing to do with the choice program in exchange for a small increase in the cap. Get real.

Even you – the supposed choice supporter – should see the folly of this. Doyle brought it on himself. He is dishonest. He doesn’t REALLY want to increase the cap – he just wants this mess to go away so he can be reelected.

I think we can send a few of the choice kids to Wayland for about the cost of MPS tuition – do you think your compassionate Governor would be up for that?

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Christopher Robin said...

What is your point. Would you allow attacks about your blog to contain profanity. The post tried to remove those that weren't for public consumption but became overwhelmed.

A sure sign that someone is loosing the war of ideas is to resort to personal attacks. If you would like to learn more about the use of personal attacks please question- Ken Starr, or any number of former Arkansas State female employees.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Xoff said...

If personal attacks are a sign you are losing the war on ideas, I would invote you to scroll through this blog and read the comments from the right-wing. Many of them attack me personally. That goes with the territory, although Sykes and McBride don't seem to think so.

Profanity? After my time in the Marine Corps, I don't think I would recognize profanity if I heard it.


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