Friday, January 27, 2006

Jensen hopes for jury of illiterates

For all his brave talk, it's pretty clear that Scott Jensen doesn't want to go to trial.. In Dane County, he's afraid he'll get a jury that's too well-informed.

But you'd have to find a pretty remote area to find people who haven't heard about the caucus scandal. Maybe he's hoping for a jury of illiterates who don't own TV sets.

Chai Vang's murder trial was in Sawyer County, but they brought the jurors in from Dane County. They still convicted him.

Jensen insists he wants a trial, but would be welll-advised to cop a plea. If there is any justice, the deal will include him leaving public office. Maybe he thinks he can delay things until his term ends in January.

I only hope the Democrats have a candidate this year.


At 9:48 PM, Blogger James Wigderson said...

In Jensen's district? Give me a break.


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