Monday, January 23, 2006

Right-wing race baiting on school choice

Jay Bullock calls it like he sees it, and he sees shameless race-baiting on the right over school choice. And he's absolutely right.


At 11:04 AM, Blogger Christopher Robin said...

Please tell me where my logic is faulty.

1. State funding is based on the number of students in a particular school district.

2. The current choice program simply follows this funding formula.

3. If more students leave MPS the district loses money.

4. Fewer students cost less to educate.

5. Monopolies do not serve the public because by there nature they are inflexible, dictatorial, and inefficient in reacting to the needs of their customers.

6. Competition generally results in innovation, a results oriented outcome, and responsiveness to the customer.

7. The school choice program has resulted in MPS making changes in the way it does business resulting in improvements is achieving there goal--educating children.

Therefore the school choice program has brought the use of public funds to a better result.

A system of verification of the results achieved by choice schools is essential. The compromise between Doyle(WEAC) and the Republican legislature should be found in the form of that verification.

Unfortunately, the governor and WEAC have attached a provision which would pay MPS to educate students that are not in the system. This is the real sticking point. Drop this requirement and work on finding an agreement on grounds that both sides hold. Doyle knows the funding requirements are what kills his proposal. If he truly feels the program is a worthy one he would drop this requirement.

More money doesn't gaurantee a better education. It does however result in more administration, more carpeting, and programs which have little if anything to do with the 4 Rs.

A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-reports that a large number of college graduates can't understand the arguements in an editorial. If college graduates can't do this where are we at with high school graduates.
To blindly follow the educational formula WEAC and the Governor have championed over the past few decades is idiotic. To continue to do the same things expecting differant results is the definition of stupidity.

With regards to your posting about race baiting, am I to understand that if conservatives mention race in an effort to make a point it is illegitamate. Meanwhile we constantly hear those who lean left saying:
"Plantation", "Chocolate city" and unsubstantiated things like "the slow response to hurricane Katrina was racially motivated."

The point is that if the governor's insistance on changing state funding formulas for MPS isn't dropped he will be standing in the school house door. You decide which race will be most affected, all I am aware of is that underprivelaged students will be forced to attend a school that doesn't meet there needs.

At 11:16 AM, Blogger Xoff said...

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At 11:23 AM, Blogger Xoff said...

Just curious, Christopher: Why do you write more, and spend more time, posting on my blog than on your own?

Is this a cry for an audience?

At 11:34 AM, Blogger Xoff said...

If you really want to know how the formula works, I suggest you read this.

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Christopher Robin said...

Thanks for the link to the explanation to the funding of the school choice program. It is a shame that the governor and newspapers haven't been able to put this in such simple terms.

Of course I have been commenting more on your blog rather than my own. Yes it is a cry for an audience. It seems to have worked somewhat, you and your readers are now aware of my blog.


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