Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tommy, Klauser on witness list, too

UPDATE: Paul Soglin gives Top 10 reasons for the big list.

Besides ex-Assembly Speakers Tom Loftus and David Prosser, former Gov. Tommy Thompson and his "Deputy Gov." Jim Klauser are on the defense witness list for the trial of Scott Jensen on felony charges of mkisconduct in public office.

The full list:

Steve Baas, who worked for Speaker John Gard before becoming governmental affairs director for the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce.

Bill Bablich, former state Supreme Court justice, former State Senate majority leader,now a lawyer with Michael Best & Friedrich of Madison.

Tanya Bjork, former employee of the now-defunct Assembly Democratic Caucus who later worked for then-State Sen. Brian Burke, D-Milwaukee.

Bill Broydrick, lobbyist and former state rep.

Ray Carey, Assembly Republican Caucus director from 1995 to 1999.

Tim Cullen, former State Senate majority leader.

Brian Dake, an aide to Scott Jensen in the Assembly.

J. Mac Davis, former State Senator, now Waukesha County Circuit Court judge.

Raghu Devaguptapu former employee of the now-defunct Assembly Democratic Caucus who later worked for then-Sen. Brian Burke, D-Milwaukee.

Peter Dykman, Legislative Reference Bureau counsel.

Pat Fuller, chief clerk of the Assembly

Bob Garvin, PSC commissioner

Brett Healy, Scott Jensen's former chief of staff

Mark Jefferson, former Assembly Republican Caucus deputy director

Rich Judge, former Assembly caucus diirector, now Doyle's campaign manager

Jim Klauser, former Department of Administration secretary and ex-State Senate GOP caucus director.

Shirley Krug, former Assembly Democratic minority leader

Walter Kunicki, former Democratic Assembly speaker

Tom Loftus, former Democratic Assembly speaker

Don Millis, former state Elections Board member

Bruce Pfaff, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker's campaign manager

R.J. Pirlot, lobbyist

David Prosser, former Republican Assembly speaker, now State Supreme Court justice.

Donny Schneider, former State Senate chief clerk.

John A. Scocos, former Assembly chief clerk, now secretary of Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

Joe Strohl, former State Senator,now a lobbyist

Ray Taffora, former legal counsel to then-Gov. Tommy Thompson, now an attorney at Michael, Best and Friedrich.

Tommy Thompson, former governor. Jensen served as his chief of staff.

Joelle Tierney, lobbyist.

State Rep. Gregg Underheim, R-Oshkosh

Mike Zaleski, former state Dept. of Justice prosecutor, now a private attorney.

-- Thanks to Gary Fisher.


At 4:15 PM, Blogger GaryFisher said...

Defense documents filed in the new Dane County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon challenge Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard on withholding exculpatory evidence, important facts that are favorable to the Repubicans in State v. Jensen, et al.

In a motion and lengthy, fact-filled affidavit filed in the courtroom of Dane County Circuit Court Judge Steven Ebert, lawyers for Scott Jensen and former Steve Foti staffer Sherry Schultz motion the case be dismissed because the state “selectively prosecuted” the defendants. They cite State v. Kramer as a precedent and glaring new evidence that the prosecutors have withheld.

Jensen’s attorney, Steve Meyer, and Schultz’s lawyer, Steve Morgan, states that within the last 12 days the defense obtained certain law enforcement reports on interviews done by Blanchard and state Department of Justice investigators. The reports address the campaign related activities of the Wisconsin Democratic Caucus from 1998 through 2001. Documents the defense attorneys say weren’t provided to them before despite an order filed in court requiring disclosure of exculpatory evidence.

For example, an interview on Nov. 14, 2002 with Rich Judge (presently Gov. Doyle’s campaign manager) reveals a “mirror image” of conduct alleged to have been committed by Jensen, Foti, Ladwig, and Schultz.

The report shows that Raghu Devaguptapu was the “point person” for ADC fundraising which included meetings with in then-Democratic Assembly Minority Leader Shirley Krug. It says that Krug and then-Assembly Rep. Jeff Plale, D-Milwaukee, frequently met with him in their state Capitol offices and elsewhere.

The reports also show that Tanya Bjork said she also received instructions from Krug to have employees engage in campaign fundraising out of state offices on state time.

The defense motion requests a hearing for the state to show that “the decision to initiate the criminal prosecution against the Republican leadership of the Assembly consititues a valid exercise of prosecutional discretion even though the prosecutors prossessed the same type of evidence of alleged wrongdoing by Democratic leadership in the Assembly.”

The defense also wants Ebert to require the state to disclose all other evidence concerning an investigation of the Assembly Democratic Caucus, including but not limited to all reports involving the investigation of any Assembly Democrats, together with all related John Doe testimony.


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