Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Defining the Democratic difference

Political campaigns are all about drawing distinctions, to give voters a reason to vote for one candidate over another. Too often, candidates forget that. People need a reason to vote for them. If they seem the same as the other candidate, why bother?

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has taken a giant step in the right direction by issuing a series of issue papers under the heading, The Democratic Difference.

It's an attempt to define what separates Democrats from Republicans in Wisconsin, from the war in Iraq to minimum wage, and a whole lot in between. It needs to be fleshed out, and will be in the months ahead.

But it's a good start for Dem Chair Joe Wineke and his crew. They are doing on a state level what is desperately needed at the national level, where Democrats continue to dance around the question of what their message should be. An exercise like Badger Dems have launched could be the model for the national party.

More detailed issue papers will be posted at the state party website.


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