Wednesday, February 01, 2006

TP'ing Wisconsin government

Well, sponsors of the latest version of TABOR have decided that TABOR carries too many negative connotations, so they're changing its name. Now it's the TP amendment, or the Taxpayer's Protection Amendment.

We know that Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce employed its considerable marketing skills on behalf of TABOR supporters to rename TABOR, but couldn't they have come up with a better acronym than TP?

When one concerned citizen called Sen. Ron Brown (R-Eau Claire) to oppose TABOR, he was told TABOR was dead and legislators were now working on the Taxpayer Protection Amendment, which he was told was different. Really?

Actually, the TP amendment has a nice ring to it, and suggests a kinder, gentler legislative attitude toward local government, schools and programs for the needy. Instead of being TABORized, we're now merely going to be

It turns out that states across the country are fleeing from the acronym TABOR, if not the concept. In Arizona, Republicans still like the idea of a TABOR-like creature, they just don't like the negative connotations that TABOR has aroused, among thinking citizens everywhere, not just in Colorado.

So state Sen. Dean Martin of Phoenix is singing a different tune.

"This really is a different animal," Martin, who prefers that the measure he's helping sponsor be known as the Budget Stabilization Act, told the Arizona Republic. Of course, that acronym is BS...