Monday, April 10, 2006

Doyle v. Green on the issues

Surprise! The state's largest newspaper did a story today on some of the differences between Jim Doyle and Mark Green on a number of issues. There's even a chart comparing their stands.

Unfortunately, many of the issues they chose are not the ones that voters are most concerned about. Most of them are the same hot-button issues the Republicans have been peddling, which have little or nothing to do with the quality of people's lives in Wisconsin.

Let's hope against hope that this is just the first coverage of issues, not the last, and that in the future it might even include issues like health care costs, education, taxes and spending (besides TABOR, which will not be on the ballot), and the economy and jobs. Too complicated? Not sexy enough? Anyone who's seen a poll in the last year knows those are the issues people most want state government to tackle. But they're a little harder to discuss in 25 words or less.


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