Friday, June 16, 2006

Republican math

The Republican Party, in its shameless smear campaign against Gov. Jim Doyle, headlines a release "RPW: Doyle Keeps More than One-Million in Tainted Donations."

Wow! What could that be? Have they done some research and unearthed all sorts of questionable donations that have never been reported?

Well, no.

They have added up every dollar in contributions anyone has ever questioned in the last five years -- usually the GOP have been the ones asking the bogus questions -- and then added a cool million dollars they say "gambling interests" gave to the Democratic Party before the 2002 election. Whatever the amount was that went to the party, it was all completely legal and was publicly reported. And not a dollar of it went to Doyle's campaign, so it would be hard for him to return it, don't you think?


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