Saturday, August 26, 2006

Right-wingers rate the talkers

Charlie Sykes says it's making him blush that he came in first in an online poll by the conservative Badger Blog Alliance, asking people's favorite talk show host in southern Wisconsin. A rather limited category. But he wasn't too embarrassed to put up a link to the results.

Anyway, Sykes is first, ahead of rival Mark Belling at WISN.

Remember the audience here. These are readers of the right-wing blogs.

If Charlie's blushing, Jessica McBride must be weeping. Even among that crowd, she comes in behind unabashed liberal Kathleen Dunn of public radio.

The results.

So, who's your favorite blogger in Bay View?


At 11:05 AM, Blogger George Roberts said...

Sykes' and Belling's shows this morning only show that three-fourths of those polled entirely lack a sense of irony.

I think my favorite "whaaaaa?" moment was discussion of Donovan Riley's case, with even the faux Dem (Barbara Boxer) falling in line to talk about voter fraud as something done by Dems. . . .

Hello, Ms. Boxer, do the words "Ohio" or "Florida" have any resonance for you?

These neocon blahblah shows are so saddening, when you realize how many Milwaukeeans tune in to blahgers like Sykes to find out what to think and how to blindly fall in line with their party line. Like lemmings to the sea.


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