Monday, August 28, 2006

Standing in the anti-gay gap

As a Christian Leader, are you prepared to "stand in the gap" on the issue of homosexuality?

That's what homophobes Focus on the Family and Family Research Institute of Wisconsin want to know, as they plan a six and a half hour training seminar Tuesday in Milwaukee.

It's not a good sign that the well-funded Focus on the Family, James Dodson's group, is getting involved in the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages and civil unions. But it's not surprising that the locals have had to appeal for national help, given the strong campaign Fair Wisconsin is waging against the amendment.

Seth Zlotocha has the lowdown.

SpongeJohn GardPants probably won't be in attendance, since he's busy campaigning to take his anti-tolerance message to Washington. Wouldn't it make you proud to have him representing Wisconsin in Congress?


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