Monday, August 14, 2006

Terrorists at the gate?

Are Islamo-Fascists planning to blow up the Midwest with cell phones?

It seems like that charge merits further investigation before going off half-cocked, But that's exactly what Rep. Mark Green did, issuing a statement today:
“News of the most recent terror plot, this one targeting the Mackinac Bridge, hits closer to home here in Wisconsin. It is believed that cell phones to be used in the terrorist attack were purchased in Antigo, serving as a chilling reminder of the potential for terrorists to hurt Wisconsinites. It also highlights the need for us to keep up our guard and remain vigilant with our eyes and ears open. I am pleased the Coast Guard has stepped up patrols in this region; however, it only reinforces the need for us to provide law enforcement and intelligence officials the necessary resources to keep us safe from terrorists who want to harm us.”
One Wisconsin Now calls Green's statement fear mongering, and it's hard to argue with that.

Here's the report from an hour ago:
CARO, Michigan (AP) -- The FBI said Monday it had no information to indicate that the three Texas men arrested with about 1,000 cell phones in their van had any direct connection to known terrorist groups.

Authorities had increased patrols on Michigan's five-mile-long Mackinac Bridge after local prosecutors said investigators believed the men were targeting the span.

Local authorities didn't say what they believed the men intended to do with the phones, most of which were prepaid TracFones, but Caro's police chief noted that cell phones can be untraceable and used as detonators.

The FBI issued a news release Monday saying there is no imminent threat to the bridge linking Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas.

The release also said the FBI had no information indicating that the men, Palestinian-Americans living in Texas, had any direct links to any known terrorist groups or to the alleged plot to bomb trans-Atlantic jetliners that was announced in London last week.
Republican AG candidates are both on the case, I'll bet -- J.B. Van Hollen claiming vindication for his suggestion that there are terrorist cells in Wisconsin, while Paul Bucher tries to deport those suspects to Texas.


At 4:24 PM, Blogger XOut said...

Yeah they just needed a thousand cell phones so they could stay connected to friends and relatives. "Hi mom, I am in Antigo Wisconsin, it's beautiful here, say hi to pops for me."

At 4:51 PM, Blogger Sven said...

it only reinforces the need for us to provide law keep us safe from terrorists who want to harm us

Law enforcement? What kind of Paulie Walnuts barbie doll thinks law enforcement is going to solve this problem? Call out the 115th Fighter Wing, goddammit.

At 10:10 PM, Blogger George Roberts said...

Hey, hey, hey there, now -- no messin' with my man Paulie Walnuts.

As for the threat to our fair state of Wisconsin, even if these guys were terrorists (which all actual news stories say now that they're not), I don't see that there was a threat. Antigo only benefited from the commerce. I mean, how many cell phones do they sell per day in Antigo? This was a major boon to its economy.

As for the UP, tell Green and Van Hollen that the terrified Yoopers are in MICHIGAN, not Wisconsin. The UP hasn't been in Wisconsin since the 1840s, before statehood, when those darn Yoopers stole it from us. But maybe Green and Van Hollen haven't gotten that past chapter one in the state history book.

Time for a pop quiz at the next campaign stop!

Mrs. George Roberts

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Sherman said...

What's the 115th Fighter Wing supposed to do? Strafe Antigo? Bomb a small farming village 10,000 miles away?

Good thing the British realize fighting terrorism IS law enforcement. Otherwise the 115th Fighter Wing would be looking for wreckage over the Atlantic today.

At 10:30 PM, Blogger Sven said...

....aaaand scene.

Meanwhile, Michigan officials kept three Texans locked up Monday evening even after Michigan state police and FBI officials said they were apparently wide-eyed tourists rather than would-be terrorists when they photographed the Mackinac Bridge.

Huh. Who could've guessed? Too bad the bombers en route to Dearbornistan are on failsafe.

At 5:09 PM, Blogger SteveS said...

It would be irresponsible for those doing the actual investigation to fully disclose the details of every aspect.

It would also violate the rights of the arrested to subject them to 'trial-by-media'

Of course that doesn't stop the Media, does it??!!

A hearty thanks to those who called in their gut feeling that something was amiss. We very well may owe them one, perhaps even a big one.


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