Monday, September 04, 2006

GOP candidate plays the gay card

I am almost left speechless by this news release from a Republican candidate for the Assembly:

SHAWANO, WI: 6th Assembly District Conservative Republican JP Drengler was campaigning Saturday evening at the 125th Shawano County Fair's GOP booth. JP took a moment to deflect criticism of a fellow Republican primary opponent. Drengler's opponent who, though being gay, supports the 'traditional definition' of marriage, as being between one man and one woman. His opponent has stated so in newspaper ads and also during a forum held earlier this week in Shawano.

"I attended grade school with (my opponent) and witnessed first-hand the cruelty some classmates directed toward him. My opponents' marriage position is based on his growing up in a traditional supportive family with a loving mother and father and several siblings." Drengler stated, completely and tactfully disarming his opponents' critics.

"I for one don't understand the gay lifestyle but acknowledge that there are many gay conservatives. They vote based on the issues. Both Ronald Reagan and Governor Arnold 'the governator' Schwarzenegger have reached out to Log Cabin Republicans, seeking support on conservative fiscal issues. I would not expect these fellow Republicans to do anything less than to vote on the 'issues' facing Wisconsin, rather than on one's (sexual) orientation. My opponent though is NOT a conservative, buy any measurement." Drengler states.

Drengler then got to the issues.
The issues being that his opponent is not really a conservative. Did he mention that he's gay (not that he wants anyone to vote based on sexual preference, of course.)

I know nothing about Drengler's opponent or his sexual orientation, nor do I know anything about Drengler or his sexual preference, since he didn't mention it in the release. But, as Drengler put it so well, it's really not relevant, right?

Actually, it appears Spengler has three GOP primary opponents, and he never names a name, just gives enough clues for people to figure it out. Cute, just like the headlne suggesting the release is to "defend" his opponent. (Is Bob Dohnal working in that race?)

One can only hope that conservatives in that district will repudiate this repulsive behavior by Drengler. But I am not holding my breath.


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