Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lunatic fringe alive and well in Wisconsin GOP

Jessica McBride, back from a little post-primary hiatus, devotes her latest op ed column to adding up how many Democrats voted for people in the primary that she considers to be left-wing lunatics.

She can't understand how people could vote for Ben Masel, Chip DeNure, or Larraine McNamara-McGraw, to name a few of her targets. McBride opines:
But the fact these candidates garnered more than, say, 1 percent to 3 percent of the vote says something about the shifting center of the Democratic Party. It's increasingly moving from Lieberman left to Lamont loony. Or from linear thought to, well, nonlinear thought.
Well, hold on a minute.

None of the candidates she trashes came even close to winning their primaries. All were soundly rejected by people who voted in the Democratic primary.

On the other hand, Republicans have actually nominated and elected at least one certifiable loony.

State Sen. Tom Reynolds, pride of West Allis, got 5,673 votes to defeat incumbent Peggy Rosenzweig in the Republican primary in 2002. In the general election in that Republican-dominated district, he got 31,693 votes. That's four times as many votes as her target Chip DeNure got in the entire 3rd Congressional District, and 50% more than MacMac got in her losing DA campaign.

And McBride will be among those trying to help Reynolds, whose antics and opinions regularly embarrass her mentor, Charlie Sykes, and even harder-core wingnuts, in his bid to win another term.

The final canvass isn't in yet, but one Robert Gerald Lorge was unopposed on the Republican primary ballot for U.S. Senate. Let's see how many Repubs voted for the accused child molester.

I won't even add up the votes in the Republican AG primary, where GOP voters had a choice between two extremists and picked the real one.

I don't know a lot about some of the losers in GOP legislative races, but I do know that people like J. P. Drengler got 10% of the primary vote.

The lunatic fringe is well-represented in the Wisconsin Republican Party, where they actually win elections and become leaders in the legislature. I haven't begun to scratch the surface.

Glass house, Jessica. Glass house.

UPDATE: Tom Reynolds has agreed to debate Jim Sullivan if the audience is blindfolded. Power Progress has more.

Carrie Lynch offers another example of GOP extremist candidates.


At 10:51 AM, Blogger roastedpeanuts said...

Much like her husband, isn't Jessica's 15 minutes of fame almost over? Her writing is terrible, her show is worse, her students don't like her and her political strategy (obviously used in Bucher's race) is awful. Isn't it time to move on McBucher?

At 2:49 PM, Blogger germantown_kid said...

You lefties sound put out--or should I say, left out.

Your side has more oddballs and freaks than the right side. Just look at Tammy "Touchy-Feely" Balledwin and Mark Pocan. Isn't Pocan a shortened version of "Poopcan"?

The dem AG race eliminated a drunkard in the primary; the other is a Siren who graduated from Mendota State Hospital. Look at your own extremists before calling anyone else with that label.

Jessica McBride's blog does play better in the parts of Wisco outside of Madison's city limits than your's.

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Touchy-Feely? Poopcan? If this is what passes for political humor on the right, I say keep it up.

At 7:43 PM, Blogger badgervan said...

Baldwin and Pocan both have the ability to think critically, which some of us want our representatives to possess. I realize that repubs don't require this attribute in their reps ( the ability to put more money in their individual pockets - the hell with the rest of us - being the repub's main requirement in a candidate ), but good government for ALL of us does require a functioning brain, and the ability to work with others in our elected reps. Not a repub talent, as we have seen over the past 6 years.

At 7:50 PM, Blogger Other Side said...

You forgot "Balledwin?" I'm guessing Germantown_kid is maybe a seventh grader.

At 2:40 AM, Blogger SmartVoter2006 said...

Jessica McBride is the reason her husband Paul Bucher lost the Attorney General's race.
She not only ruined his marriage, homewrecker, but she also blew his chances with her big stupid mouth on the airwaves. How do I get a job like that? My bitch dog is more qualified to be on the air than this stupid narrow minded reactionary fool. I know that her lousy and lazy brain washing tabloid style killed her hubby's chances. Those TV news clips of her voting with him showed me how ugly and messed up of a disturbed woman she is. Get her off the air.
A Smart Voter in 2006

At 8:00 AM, Blogger GWC shadow said...

Ed, being a liberal doesn't make you a smart voter. Also use of terms like "bitch", and "homewrecker" shows how ignorant, spiteful and narrow minded you are. Maybe you should go live in Venezuela. You and Huge would make for a great couple.

At 8:50 PM, Blogger Ben Masel said...

I outpolled Bucher in such liberal loony outposts as Burnett, Crawford, Forest, Iowa, Trempeleau, and Marathon Counties.

At 3:09 AM, Blogger SmartVoter2006 said...

GWC, you called me a liberal, how absurd. Now which is worse? You calling me a Liberal, or me calling McBride a home-wrecker, which she is. She broke up Bucher's family, it's a fact. She’s an idiot on the air, it’s a fact. At least I didn't accuse you of being a child molester and then call you an "accused child molester" like Bill Christofferson did to Lorge. All you have to do is read the legal affidavits on and you'll see that all that child molestation accusation crap was a political move against Lorge to give the media a reason to allow Herb to buy this election by only spending $10 million to pay the salaries and bonuses of the TV ad executives and other corrupt Wisconsin media moguls.

At 3:11 AM, Blogger SmartVoter2006 said...

Open your eyes everyone, the biggest shell game in Wisconsin history is happening in the US Senate race. Just because someone accuses someone of being something, does NOT allow anyone, especially our blogg host here, to then label them as being accused of it and get away with saying it as if the accusation were a fact? I think Hitler and Gobles and other liars used word tricks like that to get their way. Shame on you BC. Read the facts, Lorge is innocent and that shows our host is the ignorant one. He should be applauding Lorge for his courage and determination to fight liars and corruption everyday.

At 3:12 AM, Blogger SmartVoter2006 said...

Bill C. might be right about McBride, but he is dead wrong about Lorge. Bill C. can vote for Herb "hiding in the Closet" Kohl. No one has seen Kohl in Wisconsin since 2000. Kohl won’t even debate this time, how arrogant is that? If you think money should win, Kohl is your choice. Lorge is at least working hard and campaigning hard. He's got my vote. Actually, no one else I can think of yet has really earned a vote except Lorge. Bill C. should read the affidavits in the Lorge case and he will clearly see that the person accusing Lorge has a history of drugs, arrests, and is also dating the reporter (Tom Loftus’ son Alex) who leaked the lie to the media, which was buried immediately because it is obviously untrue. For Bill Christofferson to even mention that accusation has totally destroyed his credibility as the host of this blog site.

At 8:50 AM, Blogger Xoff said...

Gee, all I know is what I read on Jessica McBride's blog:

Great, so now the choice for U.S. Senate is a man (Robert Lorge) accused in a civil suit of molesting a 3-year-old girl and a man (Herb Kohl) who supports partial birth abortion, amnesty for illegal aliens, opposes English being the national language, and has a terrible record on taxes and gun owners' rights. Thanks state Republican Party for the great choice!

...I'd hoped at one time that we could revisit Lorge's reputation for oddness since his stances on the issues were a lot better than Kohl's. Lorge is denying the accusations. I don't have any way of knowing if they are true, but I will say that he won't be welcome on my show again. As the mother of a 1-1/2 year old girl, I can tell you that, when it comes to allegations of molesting 3-year-olds, I'm not willing to take the chance. So, that's it for Robert Lorge in my book.

At 10:02 PM, Blogger SmartVoter2006 said...

Yeah, I see what you mean, McBride is dumber than I thought. She really needs to be off the air. Who sponsors her show, her rich Aunt? As for the rest of, we side with Lorge and he certainly gets my vote. He still stands tall after all this crap. Can you imagine Green or Doyle surving what Lorge has been through. They would both have thrown in the towel, but Lorge keeps plugging on, and that shows me he is innocent. If people want to donate to Lorge, you can go to:

At 3:39 AM, Blogger Marie said...

The more serious issue is that Herb Kohl, a known closet gay, may have bigger sex secrets. Like Congressman Foley, Kohl should be investigated now. Kohl's lifestyle is perverted, weird and kept secret by the media, kinda like how the media kept it secret that President John F. Kennedy was banging street prostitutes in the elevators of the White House. Today, Kennedy would still get away with it if the Wisconsin media ran the press corps at the White House. Like Kohl, Kennedy was found out later. I for one won't vote for Herb Kohl unless he comes out of the closet and allows the FBI to investigate his personal emails. I fear what we may learn about "Nobody's Senator" but the Pages!


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