Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Did Green unspend his $467,000?

Bruce Murphy of Milwaukee Magazine has spotted a slight contradiction in Congressman Mark Green's description of just where that $467,000 in illegal special interest money resides:
In a Sunday story, Mark Green told the media he planned to finish his campaign without spending the $467,844 in federal campaign funds he transferred to his campaign. Both the state Elections Board and a Dane County judge ruled that the transfer of funds was illegal; Green wants the state Supreme Court to consider his appeal.

It sounds very upright that Green won’t spend this money. But on August 30, after the Elections Board made its ruling, his campaign spokesperson, Mark Graul, told the press that the $467,844 had already been spent. So what are we supposed to believe at this point?
Murphy says Green did the same shuffle with money from Tom DeLay.


At 6:43 PM, Blogger George Roberts said...

Good questions -- but Murphy is so off-base on his searing expose about UWM dorms (his own link is to a document that attests that this how dorms were built on another UW campus -- and others as well --so why does he keep carrying on about UWM finally doing so? and pinning it on Doyle?) that I have to wonder whether about the rest of Murphy's work, such as this on Green.


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