Sunday, October 08, 2006

JJ for governor?

The Journal Sentinel just can't get enough of the irascible John Jazwiec. Sunday's paper does a long profile on the guy they call "RedPrairie's Straight Talker." I've had a few other descriptions for the guy I like to call JJ, since I've read so much about him I feel a real connection. This is the third long story about him in the JS since June.

JJ dreams of being governor, we learn in today's installment, but acknowledges that could be a problem if he actually moves his company out of the state, which he threatens to do every week or so.

If he devoted the time he's spent watching the Sopranos (all five years' worth at least 50 times) recruiting employees, maybe he wouldn't have a problem.

Brew City Brawler, who's needled JJ for inconsistencies, makes his JS debut in today's story, too.

UPDATE: When Congressman Mark Green, alerted by the Daily Disappointment, put out a release attacking Doyle on the business climate, he cited two examples that have a familiar ring:
Earlier this year, Florida-based airplane manufacturer LoPresti Aviation said it was unlikely they would locate to Wisconsin because of our unfriendly business climate. In addition, RedPrairie, one of Wisconsin's largest software companies, indicated they were "studying" moving their headquarters out of Wisconsin. The CEO of that company cited Wisconsin's high tax climate as a top reason for the possible move.
The LoPresti deal was phony baloney from the word go. And JJ? Well, you know JJ.


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