Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The other side of John Murtha

I cheered Marine veteran Rep. John Murtha when he stood up on the Iraq war and called for the troops to come home. It was a gutsy thing to do, and he took a lot of heat. I still admire that, but not how Murtha operates.

Murtha said he was running for a leadership post in the House next session, then put it on hold for a bit. But he's back at it. This from Political Wire:

Murtha Resumes Leadership Bid

"Three and a half months after suspending his public bid -- although not necessarily his private efforts -- to become House Majority Leader, Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) said that he has resumed his leadership campaign," Roll Call reports.

But The Hill notes liberal House Democrats "are not lining up" behind Murtha's candidacy "in the numbers he had hoped despite his outspoken stance against the Iraq war."
Maybe it's because, as the NY Times reported on Monday, Murtha has been selling Demomcrats down the river for years, trading votes for pork. Disgusting.


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