Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday rally on Iraq war vote

Cindy Sheenan will speak at a rally sponsored by Peace Action and other groups at 5 p.m. today at 4th and Wisconsin in downtown Milwaukee.

A referendum on the war is on the ballot Tuesday in Milwaukee and nine other communities, including South Milwaukee, Wauwatosa and Fox Point.


At 1:20 PM, Blogger Amy Gardner said...

Thought this might interest you. Interesting photo of John Gard posted to Daily Kos.

At 10:33 PM, Blogger babblemur said...

I was told that Cindy Sheehan endorsed Peace Candidate Rae Vogeler for US Senate in Milwaukee.

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Michael J. Mathias said...

The fact that's he's drinking a Budweiser should make him ineligible to hold any office in Wisconsin.


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