Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Live from Madison ... It's Tuesday night!

The Recess Supervisor over at Playground Politics has an amusing review of the Assembly's late-night session. It includes this advice to the Republican wingnuts running the show:

... [Brett] Davis and Andy Lamb are the two likeliest casualties in a southeast Wisconsin appeasement strategy that seems to have taken hold in the Assembly. Dear conservative nutjobs of the Milwaukee suburbs, you will not get anything passed through the Legislature after we lose people like Davis, Lamb, Hahn, Loeffelholz, and are back in the minority. While you continue to try and create the Republican equivalent of the Aryan race, you continually put outstate Republicans and vulnerables in increasingly tenuous positions. Just thought you'd like to know what's going out here in the rest of the state, you know, the part that revolves around Waukesha County.


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