Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Waukesha County election irregularities!

Wait until the Journal Sentinel hears this.

Many more votes reported than ballots cast in Waukesha County Tuesday. This should be good for about 17 investigative stories, several Republican bill introductions, a few public hearings, and 187 press releases from concerned politicians.

Wanna bet?


At 11:19 AM, Blogger drsolo said...

Voting irregularities in Waukesha county is nothing new. In 1992 a group of Dems and independents approached me about the problems they were having with the same kind of over voting irregularites in New Berlin (for one). All I could find out was the "program" that read the scanners was prepared by "someone", it was not reviewed by an independent group, and the program on tape was destroyed very soon after the election. The "test" on the scanner programs was 100 marked ballots and it was immediately apparent that anybody could write a script of the order X > 100, go to .... (fortran, punch cards, ancient computer programming). We wont even mention that the Dems out in Waukesha have never come up with "their" poll workers. But the problem with twisted or hacked code is a much greater problem.


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