Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bush finds another path to Arctic drilling

These guys never quit:

By Janet Wilson, LA Times:

The Department of Interior on Wednesday approved oil and gas drilling on Alaska land considered such sensitive wildlife habitat that it was first protected by former Interior Secretary James G. Watt under President Reagan, and by four Interior secretaries since.

The decision — decried by Native American, hunting and environmental groups — comes just weeks after the U.S. Senate rejected drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, about 200 miles to the east.
And whose idea was it? Darth Vader and Company:
Bureau of Land Management staff said the decision was made after three years of study and in response to requests by Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force.
As Grist, the online environmental magazine puts it,:

OK, We'll Just Drill Over Here Instead

The Bush administration's lust for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge having gone unrequited, it's going to stick its derricks in some sloppy seconds: The Department of Interior is opening up hundreds of thousands of acres of other Alaskan wildlife habitat to drilling. The land around Teshekpuk Lake, about 200 miles west of the refuge, is part of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska; it may contain up to 2 billion barrels of "economically recoverable" oil and 3.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The area is so rich in migratory waterfowl and caribou that even the Reagan administration protected it, as did the Bush the Elder and Clinton administrations. Staff at the Bureau of Land Management say the decision to clear the way for drilling was made at the behest of Vice President Dick Cheney's super-secretive energy task force, which never met an ecosystem it wouldn't treat like a two-bit hooker.

straight to the source: Anchorage Daily News, Wesley Loy, 12 Jan 2006
straight to the source: Los Angeles Times, Janet Wilson, 12 Jan 2006


At 6:05 PM, Blogger Karliots said...

Maybe the workers can use the caribou and water fowl for food to save money. Or they could put the caribou to work by chaining them to the pump and having them walk in circles to pump the oil out!


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