Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Concealed carry law will boost tourism

So concealed carry has passed again. Won't you feel safer when when you don't know who might be carrying a gun?

Maybe Gov. Jim Doyle wouldn't be so quick to veto it again if he realized what a boon the new law would be to tourism.

This from a brochure by the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association:

The number of permit holders in each state is typically small (on average about 1.7 per cent of the population), but even a small number of permit holders serve as a deterrent to violent crime. This deterrent is a collateral benefit realized by all citizens, whether they carry a gun or not. When concealed carry is legal, the criminal has no idea whether the potential victim is armed or not. To protect their own life, they must assume everyone is carrying a weapon and trained to use it.

This change in criminal behavior was very evident in Florida in 1988, after passing a concealed carry law; criminals knew that Florida citizens might be armed. Rather than risk their own lives, they turned their criminal attentions to tourists in easily recognized rental cars. The criminals knew the tourists would not be armed and able to defend themselves.

You'll be happy to know that Florida got rid of the special license plates that identified rental cars. And now there's a new Shoot First law, which would be next on the NRA agenda for Wisconsin if concealed carry becomes law here.

Paul Soglin roasts the Democrats for their role in concealed carry.

I've found now that the Wisconsin law would allow licensed gun-toters from Florida, Texas or other states to bring their weapons when they visit the Badger state. I guess they'll have to stash the guns in their checked baggage, not carry them on the plane. So anyone planning on victimizing them would have to do it on the way to the baggage claim area.


At 8:36 PM, Blogger Owen said...

"Won't you feel safer when when you don't know who might be carrying a gun?"

Do you know who is carrying a gun now? You must be more psychic than I am.

At 1:25 AM, Blogger Robola said...

Owen, you just shot down Crazy Dave Zien's talking point.

At 5:04 AM, Blogger John Q Cheesehead said...

I'm in the middle. There are plenty of people who I would rather not see carrying a gun, concelled or open. Problem is the current laws don't stop them from packing now. I have one friend who no matter where I see him church, high school basketball games, county board meetings will start complaining about how he will get in trouble if the wrong person were to find out he had a gun with him. I have another friend who is a prison gard, actually respects the law but allways seems to be travelling to places where he will be allowed to conceal carry, and makes a big point of letting everyone know he has trusty little pistol and is more than willing to shoot anyone who gives him a reason. I believe the only reason he hasn't killed is because he never shuts up about having it. I personally follow his lead I don't carry but just say I do and people seem to leave me alone.

At 3:28 PM, Blogger christopher robin said...

How do you know who is carrying a gun now. At least with a concealed carry law we would know some of those carrying guns aren't criminals.

How is it that 40+ states that now allow concealed carry able to not have a wild west immage?

What about the fact that the State Supreme court has said that the citizens of Wisconsin have the right to protect themselves.

Of course we know the governor has no respect for the Supreme court or for enforcing their decision that the gaming compacts which expanded gaming are unconstitutional.


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