Monday, January 09, 2006

Game, set, match: Paris def. Coulter

Paul Soglin's been having an ongoing good time keeping score in an IQ contest of sorts between Paris Hilton and Ann Coulter. Soglin's latest:

Coulter, Wiretapping and the Spread of Lies and Stupidity

We know about the Coulter rants. Here is what one of her toadies had to say building off Ann's follies:


Obviously many of these FISA judges are nothing but partisan political hacks pretending to be unbiased arbiters of justice, and it's about time folks started expressing a little outrage over their ideologically-driven rulings, as well as the decisions of every other activist who sits on a federal bench.

And the facts are:

William Rehnquist, the late chief justice of the Supreme Court, appointed all the sitting FISA judges.

Rehnquist is appointing partisan political hacks? Partisan as in Democratic Partisan? They are smoking some pretty powerful stuff in Ann's closet.

This week's score:

Paris (All I Need to Do is Keep My mouth Shut) Hilton 3
Ann Coulter 0


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