Saturday, January 28, 2006

The McSilence of the McBucher

More than a month has gone by since the end of the Dan Vrakas/Jennifer Finley spat. Still nothing substantive on the subject from Jessica McBucher, who should have been in a position to know, well, something. Way back on Dec. 14, McBucher wrote:

There might come a time when I will be able to elaborate on this matter, but it's not now. In some ways, it's more interesting than people think and in other ways... it's more banal.

Given the very contentious, very public route the Vrakas/Finley "divorce" took subsequent to that post, it's hard to imagine the truth being "more banal" than people think. Au contraire, Madame McBucher! This would seem an ideal time for you to "elaborate on this matter".

The truth behind Finley's messy depature isn't an academic question. Finley made serious allegations about Vrakas' approach to fiscal management. Was Vrakas' lack of budget cutting ardor truly the reason for her departure, did Vrakas fire her for incompetence, or does the truth lay somewhere in between?

McBucher likes to pretend she's a journalist, from time to time. This would seem an opportune time for her to act like one, instead of covering up the messy truth about what her political pals are up to in Waukesha County government.

McChicken? McGagged? McCatgotyourtongue?