Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Paper still ignores facts about

Walker's award of contract to donors

When the newspaper does it, it's called investigative reporting. When candidates do it to each other, it's called mudslinging. And if bloggers do it, it's just ignored.

My favorite nugget from the Journal Sentinel's amazing story today on negativity over ethical issues in the governor's race -- to which the newspaper has been a major contributor -- was this gem:

[Scott] Walker said his campaign reviewed its contributions recently and decided to return $325; a subsequent review of more than 4,000 donations received in the last part of the year is now under way.
It makes him sound like a Boy Scout. But Walker only returned that money after Eye On Wisconsin revealed that he had awarded a $250,000 no-bid contract to a firm whose executives contributed to his campaign. Others picked up on the story, including the state Associated Press wire. That's when Walker decided to return $325, only about 10% of the money from the company's executives.

The Journal Sentinel never printed a word. Today's story still offers no clue about why Walker gave back the money, or the questions raised about the contracts. At least the paper is consistent.


At 3:29 PM, Blogger hoofer said...

Walker giving contract to fiends, no!?

You mean the contracts to clean the county office buildings that were given to Ed Apprahamien and Phil Prange and whatever ther front company was?

Why hasn't anyone noticed the way Prange operates Gateway Ventures is that he give sto republican why his lacky buddy Ed gives Democrates? And when Hurtgen wants to get involved he gives in his wifes name?


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