Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sykes finds his calling

Charlie Sykes, Republican radio host, has finally found his niche -- making negative commercials. Since Todd Robert Murphy left town, there might be an opening for a GOP smearmeister.

Sykes has an advantage that other issue advocates don't have, though -- he produces and runs them free on the state's biggest station.

Charlie Sykes, meet Seth Zlotocha.


At 10:02 AM, Blogger Xoff said...

Just for the record, I support school choice and don't need your patronizing explanation.

I don't support free issue advertising paid for by the radio station. More to come on that.

At 10:03 AM, Blogger getitright said...

boo hoo X Off.

Negative ad my fanny. It gave me goos bumps.

You don't even try toexplain what's negative about it. You can't.

And you attribute it to Sykes. He said he put it together along with (I'm pretty sure I am misspelling) Michel Holt, the leader and editor in the African American community.

The mendacity is on the side of Governor Doyle: see his State of the State, where he dredged up a two year old story, to explain why he "has to protect the state", about the Mercedes and the embezzler of a Choice school's money. Well, the guy who did it went to jail for two years. It seems the justice system dealt with the problem, and the school folded (the kids were protected, their parents sent them to better schools). And the legislature and DPI put together a bill that strengthed standards for schools trying to enter the Choice program; dozens of schools have been turned down since.

You see Xoff, with School Choice, parents have choices - they can express their own dissatisfaction with the school their kid is in. How, well, liberating!

Ahh, there's that word choice. Can they exercise the same in MPS, if they see their kid drifting into a socialized culture of failure and away from whatever family structure they are trying hard to provide? The Governor doesn't want them to. When he dredges up the stuff he does to depict Choice in the worst light possible, he seems to confirm he is no friend of the program.

The Governor is the key to resolving this, and he is standing in the way. Standing in the door, blocking the way to a solution. And everyone in the Milwaukee community that is affected by this KNOWS IT.

I hate to have to explain in so pedestrian a fashion the commercial to you, but there it is. It's not negative. Call it reality-based radio.

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Irwin Fletcher said...

Govenor Wallace continues to talk the talk about accountablility in the choice program. But lets look at MPS. Malcolm X Academy had an audit a few years back that, according to the MPS auditors was the WORST AUDIT IN MPS HISTORY. The principal had hired an off payroll secretary, paid her cash, no union membership, no Social Security taxes, nothing. He also brought in "entertainment" for the kids that turned out to be a relative and paid them $1200 for their show. The books were so bad that MPS had to bring in outside help to make sure that the staff couldn't write checks! Look at 37th street school that had a former principal, who lived outside the district, had limo service take him to and from school during his last week on the job and ordered in catered meals to celebrate. It wasn't until after he was long gone did the school figure out that the 60+ inch tv, and other electronic equipment ordered prior to the end of the year was missing. The list goes on. So for Jim Doyle to say he cannot lift the caps because of accountability issues is just a bunch of bs. If he really wanted to talk about accountability he would take over MPS the way Mayor Dailey in Chicago did and impliment real reforms. He should model MPS on the school choice schools not try to make the school choice schools run like MPS!!

Irwin Fletcher


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