Thursday, January 26, 2006

Waukesha program flush with success

The Daily Reporter brings news of an important breakthrough for Waukesha.

Waukesha is chucking the three primitive toilets in City Hall and replacing them with the superior engineering of Kohler Co.'s most sophisticated bowl - the Cimarron. The Cimarron, (that's it at right)named after a river in New Mexico and Colorado, uses half as much water as the traditional model but has superior flushing power, said Kohler Sanitary Products Marketing Manager Kathryn Streeby.

Kohler put the Cimarron through extensive testing before introducing it to the world in January 2004. Its Class 5 plumbing technology - named after the rating rafters give to violent rapids - handled 100 feet of toilet paper in a single sitting. During
another laboratory test, it demonstrated the ability to flush 31.5 ounces of bean paste.
I recently shared with readers the first rule of sanitary engineering.

Bean paste flows downhill, too

The new toilets are actually part of a much bigger effort as Waukesha, desperate for water, is beginning to look at conservation. Story.


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Jim Rowen said...

Let's also remember that The Journal Sentinel also reported recently that Waukesha intends to resell Lake Michigan water to other nearby communities and that it intends to continue to send its treated wastewater away from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River basin.

So much for conservation.


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