Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Syke's inspiration "stands in schoolhouse door"

Last week before he left, Xoff asked;

"Was Sykes voucher "spot" really the idea of the Coalition for America's Families to begin with?"

This Oct. 25 item from Sykes and a post from John Galt on the Coalition's website suggest that it was.

Xoff went on to ask;

"Who is the mysterious blogger who signs himself John Galt (the Ayn Rand character), but who appears to be the brains behind the Charlie Sykes school choice ad equating Gov. Jim Doyle with some of the most notorious racists and segregationists of the 20th Century?"
Well here's the answer.

Sykes ad comes either from a fictional character, John Galt, or a DC lawyer, take your pick. John Galt is the hero of Ayn Rand's book Atlas Shrugged, and also the blog name of a DC lawyer.

But who is the anonymous blogger that inspired the Sykes ad?

The answer is someone who isn't anonymous to Syke's and someone who ironically enough has his own experience "standing in the schoolhouse door."

The anonymous blogger, who goes by the name of John Galt is none other than DC voucher activist/lawyer Clint Bolick.

The same Clint Bolick that drafted legislation that would have ended affirmative action on a federal level and the lawyer who has made at least a quarter of a million dollars off the voucher program.

Bolick gave himself the name John Galt because he is a big fan of Ayn Rand, in fact Atlas Shrugged is his all-time favorite book.

"I recommend five books that can form the cornerstone of a freedom library. The reason I suggest these books is because I consult them constantly and consistently for insights and pithy quotes.

My all-time favorite book, my Bible (with apologies to Rand for the metaphor) since college, is Atlas Shrugged. This book turned me into a revolutionary. It made me realize that standing up for one's beliefs is the highest possible calling, and that choosing expediency over principle is disastrous to both. What's more, the characters and their motivations depicted by Rand in 1957 are timeless; no book ever written is keener in its insight into the quest for and consequences of excessive government power."
"Bolick is what one might call the right wing's legal counsel, defending vouchers and attacking affirmative action in various states across the country. Much of the money to carry on this campaign comes from the Bradley and Olin foundations. Bolick, by the way, was an assistant at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission when Clarence Thomas was chairman. They got close enough that Bolick asked Thomas to be godfather to his youngest son.

...Earlier in his career, Bolick led the defense for the first Wisconsin voucher law, while working for the Landmark Legal Foundation (LLF). The LLF received $310,000 from the Bradley Foundation between 1990 and 1992."

Sorry Charlie it's time to give credit where credit is due. Your "spot" is really the product of a DC voucher attorney who blogs anonymously for the the group that bought your ad.

It was fun while it lasted but now you are exposed as the fraud you are everyday on our airwaves.


At 11:29 PM, Blogger Interloper said...

Bolick is also the president and general counsel of the Phoenix-based Alliance for School Choice for which Susan Mitchell--voucher lobbyist and head of School Choice Wisconsin--serves as vice chair.

Bolick slandered Lani Guenier after President Clinton nominated her to the Civil Rights Division in the Justice Department along with the Free Congress Foundation.

As your post states, he served as co-counsel (along with the now-infamous Kenneth Starr) defending the voucher program before the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 1998.

He is the author of "The Affirmative Action Fraud: Can We Restore the American Civil Rights Vision?" published by the Cato Institute.

I personally find it interesting that Milwaukee's Bradley Foundation bankrolls various voucher proponents such as the Mitchell's various organizations and BAEO--which purport to be advocates for the African-American community. But the Bradley Foundation also bankrolls the likes of Bolick's Institute for Justice, the Heritage Foundation, the American Legislative Exchange Council, the Hudson Institute, and even the publication of Charles Murray's The Bell Curve, which proclaimed African-Americans to be genetically inferior to Caucasians. It also awarded a 2005 prize to Ward Connerly, the gang leader for Proposition 209, the anti-affirmative action ballot measure in California.


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