Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Is our students learning?

This blog entry was posted by someone who teaches journalism to college students:

Red America blog

So the Washington Post has created a conservative blog called Red America. This reminds me a bit of the New York Times creating a conservative beat. It's an admission they don't cover conservative issues already. Why aren't they created a blog called Blue America?

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At 11:07 AM, Blogger grumps said...

I believe the word she uses is "lecturer." She wouldn't be responsible for actual learning.

At 10:30 AM, Blogger Kenwood Park said...

To be fair, it's the word that the UW uses. It means she isn't faculty, as she doesn't have a Ph.D. It means that she is academic staff, as she has a master's degree.

But lots of UWM lecturers are doing lots of the teaching, since there are so few faculty at UWM -- only about 700 faculty for 28,000 students. (UW-Madison, with about half again as many students, has three times as many faculty.)


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