Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bucher, Van Hollen go nutso on immigration

Republican attorney general candidates Paul Bucher and J.B. Van Hollen are nothing short of crazed because their Democratic opponents, Peg Lautenschlager and Kathleen Falk, showed up at a rally on immigration policy in Madison on Monday.

Van Hollen:
“Attending a rally that celebrates granting rights to those who break the law is absolutely ludicrous,” said Van Hollen. “As attorney general, I will fight crime and restore integrity to the office. I will not celebrate lawlessness.”
Don't look for Van Hollen to be showing up at any GOP events with lawbreakers like George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. That would be wrong.

Bucher went ballistic, frothing at the mouth in his release:
Bucher, the veteran Waukesha County DA said that while his opponents were at the rally furthering their activism, he was meeting the families of homicide victims, reviewing an 8th offense drunk driving complaint, prosecuting domestic violence cases, and working with law enforcement in Waukesha County to develop written policies dealing with new legislation.
Wow! That's quite an afternoon. How long was that rally, anyway? And when did Bucher even find time to issue that press release? More:
“If Falk and Lautenschlager have a problem with the law as it is currently written, they are more than welcome to run for Congress or the state Legislature,” Bucher stated. Bucher drew an analogy between Lautenschlager’s appearance at the illegal immigration rally and her appearance at a gay rights rally, saying she was misdirecting the focus of her office. “Both Falk and Lautenschlager are once again pandering to their political base,” Bucher stated.
Bucher apparently has confused the office of attorney general with that of judge. Judges don't take political positions on issues. But Wisconsin attorneys general have long been activists, pushing for change in all sorts of state and federal laws on law enforcement, consumer protection, civil rights, the environment, and more. It's part of the job. You don't need to run for a legislative seat to have an impact on legislation. The AG has a strong bully pulpit.

As for "pandering to their political base," need I say anything about Bucher stoking the right-wing anti-immigrant flames? Or is that self-evident?


At 12:11 PM, Blogger Marquette4290 said...

They are simply just trying to say that it is outragous that the Attorney General and a candidate are at an event PRAISING law-breaking.

There are many things in the AG's office that need to be done... and Peg certainly is not accomplishing them by attending a rally that approves of breaking the law.

At 5:47 PM, Blogger molliemous said...

Ahh, the photos of the V.P. warmly embracing Johnny G. are so fresh in the memory. The law? What do these wingnuts know of respect for the law? Back to your spider holes and pull the lid over it.


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