Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gas gouging? No problem, Green says

-- Larry Wright, Detroit News, via Cagle.

Doyle calls for action against price gouging.

Mark Green's Record:

Green Opposed Cracking Down on Price Gouging.The vote was against a measure to provide the Federal Trade Commission with new authority to investigate and prosecute those that engage in predatory pricing, from oil companies on down to gas stations, with the emphasis on those who profit the most. [HR 3893, Vote #517, 10/7/2005; Failed 199-222; R 2-222; D 196-0; I 1-0]

Green Voted Against Tougher Price Gouging Laws. The vote opposed a motion to grant new authority to the Federal Trade Commission to investigate, enforce and then punish price gouging and market manipulation. Any violation would result in new civil penalties, and would be enforced with up to triple the damages of the profits gained by the violation. [HR 3893 , Vote #518, 10/7/2005]

Green Voted Against Cracking Down On Price Gouging. The vote was against a proposal to make it illegal during an energy crisis to sell crude oil, gasoline or petroleum at unconscionable levels.The legislation would also provide the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with new authority to investigate and prosecute those that engage in this "predatory pricing", from oil companies on down to local gas stations, with an emphasis on those who profit most. This includes the gouging of gasoline, home heating oil, propane or natural gas. Some fines collected from such offences will go towards the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) which aids consumers in paying their heating bills. [HR 3402 , Vote #500, 9/28/2005; Failed 195-226; R 0-226; D 194-0; I 1-0]

Green Voted Against Giving Consumers Immediate Relief At The Gas Pump.The vote was against an alternative energy plan that would bring immediate relief to consumers at the pump, increase the nation's investment into renewable fuels and energy efficiency and crack down on price gouging. The measure called on the President to suspend deliveries to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) and put the oil on the marketplace, which in 2000 brought down gasoline prices by 14 cents per gallon and crude oil prices by $6 per barrel. In 1991, the SPR release authorized by then-President Bush brought crude oil prices down $11 per barrel. It also directed the Federal Trade Commission and Attorney General to exercise vigorous oversight over the oil markets to protect the American people from price gouging and unfair practices at the gasoline pump. [HR 6, Vote #118, 4/20/2005; Failed 170-259; R 4-226; D 165-33; I 1-0]


At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget this one

"Doyle Veteos Bill that would have gotten rid of 9% Minimum Mark Up on Gas"

Oh wait, I forgot, you don't want to remember that one.

At 11:06 PM, Blogger Scott Mehring said...

Why do gas stations get away with price gouging? It's because idiots will line up at the pump and PAY THE ASKING PRICE.


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