Friday, June 16, 2006

"Congress" experiment gets good reviews

Michael Mathias of Pundit Nation:
Americans Applaud Exchange of Views
During Meeting of “Congress”

Washington, June 15 – Americans interviewed in the nation’s capitol today seemed generally supportive of the idea of a “Congress” debating the war in Iraq and even other important issues.

“I favor this new ‘Congress,’ said Tyler Hansen of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, who was visiting the Jefferson Memorial with his family. “I think we should have a public debate about the war in Iraq. Something as important as a war shouldn’t be handled by just a small number of people, most of whom probably don’t have any idea what a war is really like anyway.”

Others interviewed seemed equally enthusiastic about the meeting of the “Congress.”

“It’s a great idea,” said Sally Fisher of Miami Beach, Florida who was waiting in a line at the Washington Monument. “In fact, maybe we should have this ‘Congress’ act as a kind of a ‘check’ on the Administrative branch of the government. You know, give them powers to oversee activities of the president and his cabinet, and make sure they’re not breaking any laws. Stuff like that.”
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