Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Did friendship blossom in divorce court?

New intrigue in the Linda Van De Water story:
Timothy Kay, Oconomowoc Lake's prosecutor, concluded that the officer who made the traffic stop "defused an escalating situation" when Van De Water, a passenger in the driver's car, intervened and contended that police had no legal basis to request the [breathalyzer] test.

But Van De Water, a former Waukesha County assistant district attorney, said Monday that the roadside encounter last month amounted to a "non-incident." She did nothing inappropriate, she said, adding, "I was professional and courteous to the officers the whole time."

Van De Water answered questions Monday about the May 6 traffic stop in Oconomowoc Lake when she was a passenger in a car driven by Matthew J. Dunder, 40, of the city of Pewaukee.

Dunder eventually agreed to perform a preliminary breath test that night, which indicated he had an alcohol concentration slightly below the 0.08 standard considered legal evidence of intoxication in Wisconsin, according to the officer's report.
Does it seem relevant that Van De Water was the judge in Dunder's divorce case in April 2005? If they were friends at the time it would be inappropriate for her to hear the case, and she presumably would have recused herself. Did their friendship develop in divorce court?


At 1:36 PM, Blogger Dad29 said...

Ms VandeWater is a very, very, nasty person.

That's not a political observation--it's based on a close friend's business experience with her.

IOW, Xoff, don't respond to her offers to run her campaign...


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