Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Will TABOR failure cost GOP seats?

Charlie Sykes offers his analysis of what went wrong with conservative attempts to pass TABOR, the so-called Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which went down in flames at the end of the legislative session.

The six-page piece in Wisconsin Interest, the organ of the right-wing Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, has a provocative title: "The Death of TPA, and the End of the Republican Revolution." But the article is predictable, although Sykes sycophants will no doubt call it insightful.

It's pretty much the usual excuses and explanations for the embarrassing defeat -- no consensus, no leadership, no talk radio outside of southeastern Wisconsin. Not a hint that maybe TABOR and Son of TABOR couldn't even get enough Republican votes to pass because it was a very bad idea.

But there is this, near the end of the article, on what the fiasco could mean for Wisconsin Republicans:
Another political observer predicts that the "failure to deal with the tax issue with the biggest majorities since the 1950s will result in two lost senate seats and five in the assembly as the base will be suppressed in marginal districts."
Here's hoping.


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