Thursday, June 15, 2006

GOP wrote the book on Cut and Run

Chicago Sun Times conservative columnist Neil Steinberg:
Karl Rove, freed from the threat of indictment Tuesday, lost no time swinging wildly at his enemies, damning the Democrats for, in his words, wanting "to cut and run" in Iraq. He implied that giving up during military conflicts is the Democratic way.

Really? And what exactly could Rove be referring to? Vietnam? No, it was Nixon and Ford, both Republicans, who oversaw our exit from that country.

Democrat Harry Truman presided over the first two years of the Korean War; Republican Eisenhower yanked us out, leaving a stalemate and POWs behind.

And of course the most important recent cut and run, which many believe inspired the entire Mideast terror strategy of bleed-them-until-they-leave, was Ronald Reagan withdrawing U.S. forces from Lebanon after the bombing of our Marine barracks there in 1983. The Republicans might not want to cut our losses in Iraq, not yet, but it isn't because they don't know how to turn tail.


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