Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Protocol problem

When the campaign becomes a family business, protocol can become problematic. WisPolitics reports:
Appleton State Rep. and 8th CD candidate Terri McCormick married Ken Dawson May 6 at the state Capitol. Dawson, a financial manager, has been working full-time on McCormick’s campaign as the business manager.

McCormick’s daughter, Kristen Lease, has also been hired as the full-time communications director, working out of the new campaign offices near the Fox River Valley Mall. An incoming junior at Northwestern University, Lease also worked on her mother’s Assembly campaign in 2000.

”At the flag day parade in Appleton we had people fighting for the representative’s attention,” Lease said. “A lot of people wanted to shake her hand. They said ‘give ‘em hell and take Gard down’ when Rep. Gard was right behind us,” Lease said.
I guess she can't call her Mom, and she's probably not comfortable calling her mother "Terri." But "the representative" seems a little clumsy.

Since they have different last names, when Lease is talking to the press she could call her mother McCormick, or even Representative McCormick. That would also get Mom's name in print once more.

That's today's free advice, worth what she paid for it.


At 11:05 AM, Blogger Troy Fullerton said...

I hope they're both working for free.


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