Sunday, June 11, 2006

Political pornography

If I thought my little blog could possibly get her any more attention than she already has, I wouldn't mention "the Tall Blonde Woman in the Short Skirt with the Big Mouth," as she was described in this column wondering whether it was just a coincidence that her new book came out on 6-6-06.

Someone's found an apt description for the she-devil in question: Political pornographer.

You know it when you see it. But porn of any variety is a money-maker. So she just keeps shaking it -- the money tree, that is, among other things.

Peter Urban of the Connecticut Post, in a letter to Ann Coulter's mother, in New Canaan, Connecticut:

Like the "Jersey Girls," Mary Fetchet has been there from the beginning. Her 24-year-old son, Bradley, died in the second tower.

Mary is a remarkable woman. She used to work at Bridges in Milford as a social worker but quit after Sept. 11, 2001 and founded Voices of September 11 to provide advocacy and support to all those impacted by the terrorist attack. They are still at work out of an office in New Canaan.

Unlike the "Jersey Girls," Mary has remained non-partisan and continues to travel to Washington to lobby for a safer America. She doesn't do it for fame or money. She does it in memory of her son and the hope that no other mother should suffer a similar fate.

Mary lives over on Sunset Hill Road. It's maybe a six-minute drive from your place. You really should encourage your daughter to meet her. The experience might thaw her frozen heart.
Hat tip: BuzzFlash.
UPDATE: Cory Liebmann asks: Where is the outrage on the right?

Michael Mathias: Is Ann Coulter just misunderstood?

David Carr in NY Times says Coulter knows exactly what she's doing -- using outrageous quotes to attract media attention and sell books. He says: Without the total package, Ms. Coulter would be just one more nut living in Mom's basement. You can accuse her of cynicism all you want, but the fact that she is one of the leading political writers of our age says something about the rest of us.


At 1:38 PM, Blogger Scott D. Feldstein said...

I recently wrote elsewhere:

"Ann Coulter is a sociopathic, opportunistic vampire who doesn't really care about anything except her own self-promotion. She's a great deal like Rush Limbaugh in this respect, only I think he probably has a core of actual conservative ideology somewhere under his many layers of [fat and] disingenuousness. Coulter's venom is pure, unadulterated commerce."


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