Thursday, June 29, 2006

Walker: YOU raise taxes, not me

Scott Walker, what a guy.

He's the world-champion finger-pointer who blames everyone else for Milwaukee County's problems and never takes any responsibility himself.

Now he's perfecting the art of asking other people to pay for county services, whether it's the state taking over corrections programs, the city taking over the swimming pools, or -- now -- an independent district taking over the county parks.

Then he can criticize them all for raising taxes while he pretends he has a "tax freeze" in the county.

Gretchen Schuldt comments on Walker's latest park scheme, in which he says he's OK with a 3% annual increase in park budgets -- but not if it's part of the county budget.

This guy's political career is going down in flames, and no amount of buck-passing is going to change that.


At 2:21 PM, Blogger Whirl-Away said...

How about this for a 'scheme': reduce the tax levy by adding another fee to our water bill.
I'm OK with a 3% parks budget increase, as long as there's a plasma screen TV in each of the pavilions.


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