Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Where's Tommy?

Fair Wisconsin announces that four former governors oppose the constitutional ban on civil unions and gay marriage:
Joint Statement by Governors Patrick Lucey, Martin Schreiber, Lee Sherman Dreyfus, & Tony Earl

Madison -- "We oppose the proposed constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage. As former governors, we believe the ban runs contrary to the values of freedom and fairness that make Wisconsin great.

"The founding document of our state is designed to lay the foundation for our government and protect individual freedoms. The civil unions and marriage ban is wrong because it would mark the first time we have ever amended our constitution to limit freedom.

"We also oppose the ban because it is unnecessarily harsh and far reaching. Marriage for gay couples is already illegal in the state of Wisconsin. It is unfair to single out a group of people in our state and deny them any measure of basic legal protection.

"We urge the people of Wisconsin to carefully consider the civil unions and marriage ban, and the impact it will have on families who live in our state. We hope you will join us in voting no in November."
The current governor, Jim Doyle, also opposes it.

Isn't there one other living governor, whose name is missing?

Where's Tommy Thompson? His brother Ed opposes the amendment, even told Mark Green he can't support him for governor because Green supports discrimination. Does Tommy support it, too? Or has he been silenced by the Green campaign, now that he's the honorary chair?

Speak up, Tommy. We can't hear you.


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