Monday, July 03, 2006

Great news! Green has a secret plan

Just when we were starting to think that Rep. Mark Green hasn't a clue about how to handle the state's budget problems, his campaign manager, Mark Graul, tells the the Gannett newspapers it's all taken care of:
"Mark Green has laid out a plan that's going to get Wisconsin out of a huge $2 billion deficit that Jim Doyle has gotten us into. … We've got a huge deficit and it's getting worse, whether you go by the structural deficit or the GAAP (generally accepted accounting principals) deficit. They (Doyle and his campaign) keep saying they fixed it, but they're not leveling with people."
Not only does Green have a plan, but he's laid it out, Graul says.

Some should get the word to Steve Walters at the Journal Sentinel, who wrote a story last week saying that Green had no plan at all.

If, in fact, Green has laid it out, Graul should remind him what it is.

I don't know which is worse: Graul just making things up, or the newspapers letting him get away with it.


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