Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another chance for Extreme Green

A new breakthrough in stem cell research poses a new dilemma for opponents of embryonic stem cell research: What's their excuse now?

Never fear. They've already come up with some, as Seth Zlotocha explains.

Here's another chance for Congressman Mark Green, who keeps insisting he supports stem cell research, to prove it. Zlotocha asks the right question:
Green has said in the past, as Bush did, that he merely opposes the use of public funds for research that destroys embryos. Since this research does not destroy embryos, does that mean he's willing to support it with public resources -- or is he going to raise the bar on his opposition like the president?
My guess? He'll do whatever George Bush and the Catholic bishops tell him to do. As usual.

Has Green found a lifeline to pull himself out of his politically fatal stem cell problem? The health of Green's campaign is seriously threatened by his know-nothing position, and could use a miracle cure. A Wisconsin Technology Network article quotes his press guy:
Luke Punzenberger, press secretary for the Green Campaign, said the Republican gubernatorial candidate is encouraged by the news. "He thinks this is a very promising development in stem cell research, and it's clear that we may be able to conduct this research without grappling with some of these signficant ethical questions," Punzenberger said.
Green himself was probably "too busy campaigning" to even read the paper and find out about the breakthrough. If they follow the campaign's usual M.O., tomorrow they'll backtrack.


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