Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Green cuts and runs from Iraq caucus

Congressman Mark Green has cut and run from the Victory in Iraq Caucus he co-chairs in the House of Representatives.

Someone much more familiar with Green's House webpage than I says that the caucus used to be featured on his official House website. There was a link with an Iraqi flag with "Victory in Iraq" on it.

On his website today, there is literally no mention of his being the co-chair, or even being a member of the caucus. He lists the following:

Caucus Membership:

Congressional Autism Caucus, Republican Housing Opportunity Caucus, Coast Guard Caucus, Reserve Components Caucus, Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition, Public Pension Reform Caucus, Pro-Life Caucus, Missing and Exploited Children Caucus, Defense Group, Rural Caucus, Great Lakes Task Force, Sportsmen's Caucus, Produce Caucus, Privacy Caucus, Western Caucus

Elsewhere on the site, his bio offers this:
As a member of the House Judiciary and International Relations Committees, Green is actively involved in our nation's policymaking in the war on terrorism, working to craft effective national strategies for fighting terrorists both at home and abroad. He played a role in successful efforts to create a new Department of Homeland Security, dramatically reform the U.S. immigration system, and redesign counterterrorism laws and procedures with the USA PATRIOT Act. He has fought to boost budgets for intelligence, defense and law enforcement antiterrorism activities, including plowing more dollars into local terrorism preparedness projects. Green was also part of a small bipartisan delegation chosen by the House speaker to go to Afghanistan and report back to the Congress on the progress of our efforts there.
The word Iraq is never mentioned, even though Green has visited twice and always comes home to announce that we're winning.

Now Green doesn't have a word to say, as Americans turn against the war and want the troops home. He's voted down the line for the war, but he's hoping no one mentions it as he tries to sneak into the governor's office.

Green's partner in crime on this one, Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, the Victory in Iraq caucus co-chair, continues to list his membership in various places on his website : bio, caucus membership, issues, etc:
Today, Joe serves on the House Armed Services Committee, the Education & the Workforce Committee, and the House Committee on International Relations. He was appointed by the Speaker to the highly influential Republican Policy Committee and works as an Assistant Majority Whip. He is Co-Chair of the Victory in Iraq Caucus, Co-Chair of the Bulgaria Caucus, and Past Co-Chair of the Caucus on India and Indian Americans.
Wilson has a long list of news releases on Iraq [search for Iraq on the site], and his home page features a photo with the troops in Baghdad. You won't even find the word Iraq on Green's House site, or his campaign website.

Ever hear the term "summer soldier?" These are the times that try Mark Green's soul. He's being tested and coming up short.

UPDATE: Tonight, Green's site includes an Iraq flag with links to photos and a journal of Green's trip to Iraq. I'd swear it was not there this morning. In fact, this cached page from Google shows what was up earlier today when I visited the site. Do bloggers get fast action, or what?

This June 30, 2005 release announcing the caucus is still there, if you dig a little:
WASHINGTON – Today, Congressmen Mark Green (R-WI) and Joe Wilson (R-SC) announced the creation of the Victory in Iraq Caucus:
“Despite what many Americans see and hear in the media, Iraq is well on its way to a brighter future,” Green said. “Democracy is taking hold, Iraqis are embracing their newfound freedoms, and our courageous troops are steadily stamping out terrorists bent on derailing Iraq ’s march toward prosperity. There’s a lot to hang our hat on. But, Iraq is still a dangerous place, and that’s why we must continue supporting our troops, trumpeting their successes, and affirming America ’s commitment to finishing the job. That’s what this caucus will help accomplish – it’s a voice for victory.”
UPDATE: Brew City Brawler takes the time to read Green's comments and journal from his Iraq trip. Quite revealing. Says the Brawler: "Most people would try to cover up documentary evidence of being so wrong, so disastrously wrong."


At 4:50 PM, Blogger Harry Walker said...

Unbelievable. Wonder if anyone in the media will ask him why he is running away from his leadership position in this caucus. Or someone can put it in a candidate questionnaire and his campaign team can make up lame excuses as to why he is too busy to answer questions about where he stands on the issues and why he can't be reached for comment.

If Green won't stand up for the caucus he created to support to the war, how can he be trusted as Governor to stand with the Wisconsin veterans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan?

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Paul_Robeson said...

Again, this raises the big question of the campaign (at least as I see it):

Doyle's merits aside, what are the affirmative reasons to vote for Mark Green?

I hate marketing-speak, but this seems like a basic "branding" problem. Green just doesn't really have any kind of easily identifiable schtick, beyond being sort of a blind disciple of the President. And now he might even be trying to ditch that label.


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