Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Will Green catch it from Giuliani?

Catch what?

A tolerance for gay rights.

Or will Green catch hell from his friend Rudy for his bigoted position?

This from John Kraus of One Wisconsin Now:
Giuliani, who Salon.com has called “a champion of gay rights,” (www.salon.com, 02/26/2004) will be campaigning in Waukesha and Milwaukee with Green on Wednesday. Green supports the extreme and divisive amendment put on the ballot this fall by the Republican-controlled legislature to outlaw civil unions in Wisconsin.

The first sentence of the amendment would ban marriage for gay and lesbian couples. But in Wisconsin, gay marriage is already illegal. This divisive amendment is about much more than gay marriage. The second sentence would ban anything “identical or substantially similar” to marriage for all unmarried couples gay and straight. This means that civil unions would be outlawed in Wisconsin.

Green is a strong supporter of legislation at both the state and federal level to write discrimination into the constitution and ban civil unions.

In contrast, Giuliani has favored extended civil-rights protection for gays and lesbians. (New York Post, June 5, 1993) In 1998, Giuliani submitted a bill to the New York City Council that extended the benefits city agencies must grant to gay and lesbian couples. “I’m proud of it,” Giuliani said of the bill. “I think it puts New York City ahead of other places in the country.” (New York Daily News, May 13, 1998)
Read the rest of the study in contrasts between Green and Giuliani.


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