Monday, August 07, 2006

Will Green, Gard run from Bush?

Republican candidates across the country are being advised to run away from George Bush, One Wisconsin Now reports:
The Washington Post reported over the weekend that even many of Bush's loyal soldiers are facing big trouble at home and having to distance themselves from W. The story cites candidates all across the country that have not even mentioned their connections to Bush and one is even scampering away from the fact that he is a Republican in an ad. On the other hand, many of the candidates appear to be more than happy to have the unpopular president raise hundreds of thousands of dollars at very exclusive and private fundraisers that are closed to the public.
That's a bit of a problem for Assembly Speaker John Gard, running to replace Rep. Mark Green in Congress, because Bush is coming to Wisconsin's 8th CD on Thursday.

The Green Bay Press Gazette reports:
President Bush will visit the Green Bay area on Thursday, beginning with an 11 a.m. tour of Fox Valley Metal-Tech in Ashwaubenon, where he will speak about the economy. "The economy continues to create jobs throughout America, and the president wants to highlight the strength of American businesses and workers," White House spokesman Alex Conant said.

In the afternoon, Bush will attend a fundraiser for state Rep. John Gard, R-Peshtigo, a candidate for the 8th Congressional District seat, at a private Oneida residence. The Gard campaign declined to provide details, but an invitation obtained by Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers indicated the luncheon would begin at noon, with tickets costing $1,000 and photos $5,000.
Does that mean no photo op with Gard and Bush hugging one another, which his Dem opponents can use? Gard welcomed Dick Cheney to the district to raise money for him when Cheney's popularity was a lot lower than Bush's. Will Gard go to the plant tour, or keep his distance?

If those sound like ridiculous questions, consider that Gard is distributing literature that makes no mention of his Republican party affiliation or the date of the primary. He probably thinks, correctly, that he has the primary sewed up and is not acknowledging his Republican ties as he tries to win the general.

Then there's Rep. Mark Green, Bush's good buddy, who votes with him 93% of the time and was there to collect his endorsement and $600,000 to $1-million in special interest money from fat cats in Milwaukee recently.

The Gard event is in Green's Congressional district. Green has endorsed Gard. Will he be there, or will he have a "scheduling conflict?"

UPDATE: Gard wins an award: Rubber stamp of the week.

UPDATE 2: It turns out Mark Green will be busy on Thursday, raking in special interest cash at a pricey Kohler golf outing and barbecue for the Republican Governors Assn.

UPDATE 3: NO PHOTO OP. WisPolitics is reporting the fundraiser will be closed to media and only a pool reporter will cover the plant tour. Bush allows more access and gets more exposure than that when he goes to Baghdad.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger Randy said...

Not to worry, all three Dems running for the 8th CD, many of the state Senators, Assemblymen and candidates will be in Green Bay to remind the people how close Gard is to Bush and all the things these two men have NOT done for the people of this area, and what we WILL do for them.

At 2:50 PM, Blogger Daniel - said...

The question at the end is not rhetorical - anyone who reads already knows the answer. Congressman Green will join Governors Romney, Pawlenty, and Thompson, and Mayor Giuliani for a day in Sheboygan to raise money for the RGA. So there is no conspiracy theory scheduling conflict, no unexpected traffic jam or illness, that will appear at the last minute to keep Green away - this RGA event has been on the calendar for quite a while now.

At 9:32 PM, Blogger Louis Kaye said...

I agree, Republicans are distancing themselves from the party ID. I'm holding two brochures in my hand, one from Debi Towns (Edgerton) and another from Van Hollen, nowhere does it state their party affiliation. I feel like telling people that if the candidate is not confident to declare their own party, then we shouldn't have the confidence to vote for them either.


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