Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First projection(s)

With about one-third of the vote in, it appears safe to say that Paul Bucher will get a higher percentage of the primary vote than Scot Ross.

Ross ran the better campaign, but had a guy named LaFollette on the ballot.

One of The Xoff Files' analysts in Central Wisconsin predicted at 9:19 p.m. that Kathleen Falk will win the Dem AG primary, based on what's happening in the Dem stronghold of Portage County.

Even with two men in the race and Emily's List behind her, Nancy Nusbaum looks destined to finish third in the 8th District Dem Congressional primary.

David Clarke is going to be re-elected Milwaukee County sheriff, despite a strong challenge from Vince Bobot, who ran a well-funded grassroots campaign. A little television might have put Bobot over the top, but he didn't run any.

No surprise here, but my daughter's candidate, John Chisholm, is winning 60-40 in the Milwaukee DA primary over MacMac. Maybe pandering doesn't pay after all. Wait till that word gets out in political circles.

One of the first calls Republican Sheriff David Clarke received after winning the Democratic primary Tuesday night was from Congressman Mark Green. Need I say more?

UPDATE: The morning after.


At 10:17 PM, Blogger krshorewood said...

I heard that people this morning called into Sykes show this morning and complained they were confused by the ballot. Some said that their ballots were ripped up.

And why not. No doubt most of Charlie's audience thought Clarke was a Republican and probably unintentionally split their ticket.

At 11:17 PM, Blogger Whirl-Away said...

Excuse me while whip this out.
David Clarke is our Giuliani...someone has to be.

Yes, you need to say more about why Libs are so soft on crime issues?

At 7:16 AM, Blogger Paul_Robeson said...

Here's hoping that Peg serves out her term gracefully.

At 8:09 AM, Blogger Other Side said...

Whirl a way ... that's just a wrong perception. Libs are just as aware of the crime issues as repugs ... the difference is we don't call for the lining of the criminals against walls and mowing them down.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Dad29 said...

Thanks for the note on Nusbaum.

That's VERY interesting. Based on anecdotal info from friends in Green Bay, there were a lot of folks in Brown County who disliked her, intensely.

Perhaps that's the reason for the Kagen win.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Whirl-Away said...

Once again...over the top and down the other side.

At least you are "aware".


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