Thursday, September 21, 2006

State Sen. Ron Brown anti-family?

Those shady right-wing groups are at it again, running negative radio commercials in the Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls area, where State Sen. Dave Zien is in some real trouble. The spots, sponsored by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, Builders and others, rip Zien's opponent, Pat Kreitlow, for opposing the so-called Taxpayer Protection Amendment, a constitutional amendment that went down in flames last session.

A Daily Kos diary describes the spot:
Two adults, a male & a female, talking about how they spent a lot on school supplies & clothes. They talk about how much they're taxes and how they can't keep their money because of that. Then the woman says you should hear how bad it will get with Pat Kreitlow, since he's against the "Taxpayer Protection Amendment" which would cap taxes & spending. She says Kreitlow calls it a scheme & a gimmick. They wonder why he opposes lowering the tax burden, and lowering taxes to keep jobs to then keep keep kids living in the Chippewa Valley. Then, the best part of the ad: the two claim that Kreitlow isn't worried about kids' future, and since he's against the "Taxpayer Protection Amendment," he's against families. That's right, Pat Kreitlow is against families.
What makes this especially interesting is that Ron Brown, the State Senator in the district adjoining Zien's, is one of five Republican Senators who voted against the TPA, also known as Bride of TABOR, when it died in the Senate.

Brown, who like Zien is targeted by Democrats this fall, is the only one of the five up for re-election this fall.

Will we hear radio spots from WMC et al. saying Ron Brown is anti-family? Or will the Democrats have to run them?


At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not such a big deal I think. I haven't seen the ad yet but from the description it sounds lame. And seems gratuitously put together by people from outside the area - "professionals" who have no idea what perceptions are like in "The Chippewa Valley" (such a triesome phrase). Maybe to them we're all a bunch o' gun-totin' hayseeds. maybe
Anyway it sounds like a waste of money to me.

But framing Brown as anti-family would be just as stupid, and I think ineffective, as this attempt at Kreitlow. It doesn't feel real, it's an outsider ploy. People who hate Kreitlow may applaud it, but they were done deals anyway, and will welcome anything at all as "proof". The middle of the road types will not resonate with this thing.

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops. I mean HEARD the ad and "tiresome phrase".

At 12:27 AM, Blogger XOut said...


You may know this and I may know this but Christoff and friends are finding that even with a team - and midsummer polling data - they are unable to screw in a single light bulb that changes the political balance in the Wisconsin Legislature or Congress. In fact even hanging on to the Executive Mansion is beginning to challenge their desperate finger nails.

Christoff is now living the same life that Republicans had four years ago when our candidate for Governor was a third-rate hack in the race by default (McCallum). Christoff is now in the business of defending a third-rate scum-ball (Doyle). They are now forced to cling to the idea of picking up the senate. Good luck kids.

Oh - and did I already mention that you will not control congress? Oh yeah, I think I said that months ago.... :)


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